July 4th

It’s July 4th and starting off quietly. No emails, no phone calls, just the hum of the A/C working overtime to keep us relatively comfortable.

Last night ended with a bang: The first “monsoon” storm of summer, only this one actually had rain with it. Hard, “coming at you sideways” rain. And lightning—the “light up the room” kind. And the thunder had two dogs and a teen comforting each other. Hoping no damage occurred as it sounded like it hit in the next yard over.

So we have humidity today and storms forecast for the weekend. It’s 7:30 am and 88 degrees but 45% humidty. That’s wicked for us. Until July and August we skate by with under 20% (“it’s a dry heat”). So looking at a high of 109 and that kind of humidity is not only miserable to be out in, it’s dangerous. Guess we’ll need to see if the video place is open or we might have to pull out the West Wing and Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs.

I’d say we’ll be watching televised fireworks but we’ll see. We can park about a mile away and see 4 or 5 displays from various casinos and communities in the outlying areas.

It will be a lazy day…plans for treasure bracelets and Melonhead Joolz and meals that don’t heat up the kitchen. Hope you enjoy your day too!


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