I escaped the Arizona heat yesterday in the Bingo Hall at Wild Horse Pass Casino!

Talk about going high tech…it is now possible to play bingo without lifting a finger, using portable, electronic Bingo Boxes. They play “You’re In the Money” when you win! My friend, Deb, had me play the “old-fashioned” way though, with ink daubers. (But in the “really” olden days, didn’t we play with little buttony things that covered the spaces?) I got a quick refresher course in the game, plus tips for making “cheat sheets” on the special pattern games (Pick a Pet, Stopsign, Diamond…). All to ease my anxiety a bit about keeping up.

Being the Type A person that I am, I played with intensity, never really coming close to a win until the last game…A Blackout game (12 really…who knew you could keep track of all those little sheets? And trust me, I was a rookie compared to some of these people!). Started off strong on a couple of cards. The game was a “second chance” meaning once someone got the first Bingo, there was still a smaller second chance prize for the next winner. The last three numbers I needed were called one after the other. BUT,  you can’t shout “Bingo” until the caller calls the “next” number (we were playing off the TV monitor as who can understand Bingo callers anyway?)…oh the pressure! “If the next number is mine, I can’t yell yet, right Deb? Tell me when to yell…” My number comes up! “BINGO” yells someone else who got it one number before me. RATS!

It was a pretty reasonable 4 hours of entertainment…$25 (two movies and popcorn would have been about the same). The hall was filled with some hardcore types sporting their own picnics, carousel bags loaded up with multicolored ink daubers. Oh well, it was fun, we got to chitchat a bit (note to self: sit at a table where there are not many hardcore players who insist on Bingo Silence!) and it was a cool 74 degrees inside compared to 110 outside!

Pssst…I hear there are bargain games on Friday afternoons and the place is almost empty.


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