Revisiting the SATC Homage

First off, I decided I better check the meaning of “homage”. You know when you get that feeling that it wasn’t the word you meant? Whew…I’m good. A little tongue in cheek, but good. Something done or given in acknowledgment or consideration of the worth of another.

I finished my matching bracelet in the sexy pinks, browns, taupes, blush colors that I named “SATC” colors. I LOVE it and I’m keeping it. The great lampwork disc beads are from Nicole Valentine and the colors are so much nicer than my quick-and-dirty pic shows!

The toggle is now finished with a “seed bouquet”. I am trying to branch out a bit with my next ones…get my own style really going. Robin Atkins wrote this great book on making these treasure bracelets, but I find myself wanting more information on the fine points. Guess I’ll have to get to a  class some day!

I’ve gotten kind of hooked on these and have several more waiting in the wings to be started. Mine start with the handmade glass lampwork beads. Discs and flowers as you’ve seen in other posts, but I have ideas for some other shapes too! Then finding the “filler” is fun (and expensive as my collection grows!): Seed beads, lucite flowers, resin beads, pearls, Czech pressed glass…I’ve got some new Greek ceramic beads in yummy metallic shades too. Check out Naos Glass on Etsy for a peek at them.

Looks like I have 5 more planned out with the filler and 5 or 6 more waiting in the wings! Now to figure out where to sell the excess! I only have two wrists!

To see the matching ring again: Here


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