Vote! Beading Daily “Bead Star” Contest!

I entered a contest at the Beading Daily website with three pieces and 2 of them made it to the “finals”. You can vote ONE time with your email address and only between now and June 18th. I read that there were about 1500 entries so to be in the finals is thrilling!

Here is the link:

I have Entry #12 in the GLASS category (animal print bracelet with gold Hill Tribe accents) and #8 in HEARTS (silver Hill Tribe hearts necklace).

You do need to vote in each category and then click DONE at the end. Hope you’ll vote for me. Thanks!

Here are the rules:
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for—the time to cast your vote for the next bead stars! The judges have already narrowed down their selections to the top twenty entries in each of the nine categories: crystals, seed beads, glass, pearls, stones, metals, plastics, under $25, and designs with heart. Now you hold the power to decide who will achieve Bead Star fame!

The five entries in each category that receive the most votes from members of Beading Daily will be named as first place, second place, third place, and two honorable-mention winners. The grand-prize sponsor will choose one of the nine first-place winners as the grand-prize winner. Winners will be announced in Bead Star magazine, available on newsstands worldwide at the end of December 2008.

Voting Instructions: To cast your vote, click through the following pages and choose your one favorite entry in each category. At the end of each category you will find a pull-down menu where you can select your favorite entry. After selecting your favorite entry, click “next” and you will be taken to the next category. The program will guide you through the selection process. When you have finished casting your votes for all of the categories, click “done.” Please note that your votes will not be submitted until you click “done.” In the spirit of fairness and friendly competition, please vote only once and from only one e-mail address.


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