An Homage to SATC…

Though I never saw a single episode on TV, I did join a group of women for a girl’s night out last Saturday to see the “Sex and the City”  movie. It was pretty easy to follow and a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours. The delicious Cosmos we had before didn’t hurt either!

I have another chance to see it next week with a different group of friends…”CEX” (for Cookie Exchange…a group of a dozen of us who get together to exchange cookies at Christmas and decided to try and meet quarterly throughout the year too. Four of us met today to plan the evening and discussed having a contest for “most Carrie-like” shoes. I disqualified myself!

During the second viewing, I’m hoping to focus a bit more on the jewelry worn by the main characters. I’m not the shoe maven that I was in my younger days and high fashion is lost on me as well (some days my two dogs are the ones who spend the most time with me and they don’t care what I’m wearing as long as I remember when dinner is).

I took some time a couple of weekends ago to work on more of my cluster rings and this one is one that I’d like to think Carrie might wear. It is meant to be seen and the colors seem “hot” in a sophisticated, subtle way.

What do you think? I’ll try to get a side pic later…this is from overhead.


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