Wii Fit Anyone?

We scored a Wii Fit on Wednesday morning…and it has been a lot of fun getting introduced to it.

Now, first off, you have to understand we are relative newbies to the Wii phenomenon. Heck, to video games in general. My daugher has a Gameboy that she plays occasionally but other than that, we have never been that interested in that form of entertainment. Just no time for it more than anything.

On Mother’s day, though, my husband went out at “O’dark thirty” to get in line for a number at our local Best Buy….apparently the holiday threw people off…there was no line til about 9:15! Anyway, he got one and the accompanying accessories and we got acquainted with bowling and tennis and boxing.

But the Wii Fit! Wow…a whole new dimension. Sadly we are a family of couch potatoes. Working at home and extensive job travel have taken their toll. So the buzz surrounding this caught our attention. Day 3 and all three of us are enjoying our workouts, while being continually amazed at the customization that is happening as we exercise.

Admittedly, having a tiny alien voice say “Oh” when you step on the board is a little disconcerting, especially after my little “Mii” character got plumped up after the BMI test…like I didn’t know I have some weight to lose! We let my husband be the guinea pig and cheered him on while giggling maniacally at his lack of balance…”Do you have trouble tripping when you walk?” asks the omnipotent voice. (Not so funny when I was asked the same thing).

My daughter is a whiz at virtual hula hoop it turns out and it is good to see her moving more than her sassy mouth! I have some affinity for strength and yoga (though one side of my body is much stronger than the other).

I’m really glad we snagged one right off the bat. Summers in Arizona are miserable for getting exercise that isn’t indoors and I’m not a big group exercise person. I’m already planning my daily schedule to include morning exercise after summer school drop off.

I’ll keep you posted!


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