And you thought gas was expensive!

Have you checked the price of leeks lately?

Just kidding (sort of)…

My friend Julz recounted her last trip to the grocery store. She’s been recuperating from hip surgery and has three growing boys so she figured restocking might be expensive….but $743!!!!

Turns out as she was looking over the receipt to see that she got all her sales and discounts that she found a line item for a bunch of leeks for $404!!! YIKES! That would hurt. And it wasn’t a BUNCH of leeks, just an error.

So she’s got to head back to the store to get the credit…I’d ask for gas money along with the credit!

Do you check your receipts? I usually do or if I’m shopping for just a few things (my favorite grocery store is about a minute from the house so I am a sloppy shopper) I tend to have a running total in my head already.


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