It’s May (Maybe a New Start or Just Mayhem?)

It’s certainly official…I’m behind in all aspects of life these days. Work, Joolz, blogs (this one and all the others I try to check every few days with comments and reading), websites, laundry…I’m nearly a week behind in recorded TV shows. Sad to be lapped by network television shows.

I guess since it is a new month, I’ll start over with a new list of “must do’s”, “should do’s” and “gee, wouldn’t it be great to’s”. The book business is going great (hence the falling behind in everything else) but that means there’s no time for me, making jewelry (not a bad thing on the one hand since sales are in the hole with economy woes…feel free to send some of your stimulus check toward shiny, sparkly Joolz!)

And it’s warming up, so sleep is interrupted…another “not so bad” thing as I have started giving up making it to the alarm at 7 in favor of getting up at 6:30 to get a jump on the day. I need to try and end the day before midnight and see if the shift in schedule could be permanent.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.


2 responses to “It’s May (Maybe a New Start or Just Mayhem?)

  • Suz

    Well, I guess busy is good… but I wish it didnt have to seem so overwhelming sometimes. I’m happy business is going well for you – make sure you still look after yourself though!

  • limamike

    I’m there with you! And yet here I am, reading blogs. Oh, but wait, I was behind in that, too, so I guess it’s ok! 🙂

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