Ornament Thursday: Motherhood

I got behind this month and lost a little creative spirit so I’m just enjoying all the other great OT projects on Motherhood…take a few minutes to see what the fab OT ladies have done for Motherhood!

Hali’s first attempt at an altered book featuring family photos of great grandmother down to her niece.

Candie Cooper 
See a sweet project that Candie and her mom made together.

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles 
Celebrating Mother Earth with a ceramic pendant tutorial

Katie’s Beading Blog 
Make this easy talisman for new moms or moms-to-be

Linda at Make It Mine magazine 
Quilts inspired by Mom’s Mom

Modern Glass Link Earrings  
Modern Glass Links for the Mom who’s a classic!

Strands of Beads 
Melissa and the Short One celebrate motherhood with a little origami

The Swell Life – Swelldesigner’s blog 
Make this cool and colorful buckle inspired by the iconic “MOM” tattoo

Ornament Thursday
Mommy-isms from Michelle

UR Charmed Mother’s Necklace
Easy to make and personalize necklace for Mom or Grandma!


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