50 is Fabulous so Far…

I have been a major slacker on blogging lately (on many things actually)…but I’ve got good reasons. Rather than have one endless blog entry, I’ll stretch it out for a few days.

My 50th birthday was April 5. I’ve spent most of the last 10 days celebrating it in one way or the other. The final “event” was seeing Daughtry and Bon Jovi in concert with 38 other women from a great party suite at Jobing.com arena on Friday. My sister, Lori, came down from Colorado to go with me and we had a lot of fun.

This group has an activity once a year (C.A.R.E: Chicks Always Raring to Escape) and the concern was a “surprise” though loosely done so that we could be sure we really wanted to go.  The concert was GREAT. It started with everyone meeting up at one person’s house until the bus came to take us through hideous Friday night traffic to the west end of town…
The planning committee had lots of sweet “cocktail in a container” drinks and I knew enough to give them a wide berth…shudder…that sweet stuff of unknown origin is a killer!

Once we got to the arena, we set up camp chairs and had pizza and salad in the parking lot. Then we had a silly game where you were paired up with a “title”, “verse” and “chorus” of a Bon Jovi song; you had to find your matches and then perform for the group to get your ticket. I had my ipod in the bottom of my purse and was able to find our song so Ginny, Susan and I could listen to the full song and have a prayer of pulling it off…Ginny and I decided to just share the earpieces and sing to the music…that was more fun as we were on key! We cued Susan for her line “Have a nice day!” and got our tickets.

We headed in to the arena and found the suite…dead center facing the stage! Lots of jumbotrons around. We had these “all access passes” that the committee printed up, laminated and put on lanyards…the ticket takers were like “oh you have all access”…bet we could have gotten backstage!!! I think they were probably worth the paper they were printed on, but a nice souvenier.

I headed down to get Emma a t-shirt and missed about half of Daughtry (though I could hear it just fine)…talk about your mass of humanity.

So an hour of Daughtry and over two and a half hours of Bon Jovi! The suite was hot, even for Phoenix, but that might have been all the dancing and jumping up and down of 39 women! But I bet I got more exercise than I have in awhile.

Jon Bon Jovi is quite the entertainer and the band played without a break…must have played every hit and then some. I’d go to another one in an instant…we were talking about bands that rock at touring…showmen…vs. many of the newer bands that are studio-created and you end up disappointed in their concert sounds…this was NOT the case.

And he’s not hard to look at either!  Really nice smile.

The bus ride back was shorter in time, but still seemed like forever to the weary masses…I ended up volunteering to be on the committee for next year…wonder what we’ll come up with?

Next up: The Great Tucson Birthday Weekend: Not!!


One response to “50 is Fabulous so Far…

  • Pattie Heisser

    Happy birthday Lisa and welcome to the ranks of being 50+ and Fabulous! I’ve always believed in the birthday “season.” Celebrate for at least the WHOLE month. And visit us at 50Fabulous.com and see what other 50+ers are up to.
    Pattie Heisser

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