Mine…all mine


I was thinking the other day that I need more jewelry…

Stop laughing! I see you! I mean more jewelry that is “mine” and only for my wearing pleasure. Working at home on two different businesses, I don’t have a lot of chances to get out and about some weeks. And, yes, I do wear jewelry when no one is around but me; however, it’s been less about me and what I like for a few months because of various shows.

This bracelet is from a kit I picked up in Tucson in early February when Deanna and Shadow were here.  I usually shy away from beads I have trouble seeing but the display of these beads in zillions of colors and shapes was mindboggling. Deanna and I settled on kits and then we went back with Shadow later and picked out loose strands for more projects.

Shadow is a seed bead artist. I am blown away by her work and she had the task of helping us decipher the directions in the kits (note to potential kit makers…step by step pictures would boost your sales exponentially!). After tossing the directions, she proceeded to explain in small words how we started these bracelets and sat with us as we created. Deanna finished hers before me and it blew me away! We had the same kits in different colors and both approached them slightly differently. Very cool to see the results.

I felt that I wanted mine to be a little fuller and had plans to run back through the bracelet a second time. As happens, life got in the way and almost 2 months later, mine was still waiting to be finished. So I declared it “finished”! I am learning to let go occasionally.

tucsonbracelet2.jpg Ta da!


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