Quick! It’s Spring in Arizona…

We always joke that if you blink,  you’ll miss Spring here in Arizona…there are only two seasons: hot and more hot.

Right now, we have heavenly weather, low 80s. Everything is blooming (so allergies are active and eyes are watering) and we know it is only a matter of time before it gets HOT.

I have rose bushes in the back yard that are woefully ignored (they seem to do better that way!) and they bloom several times a year in a riot of buds and flowers. In between time, I have floral beads to work with. Year round in many styles and colors, depending on which glassy artist I buy from.

Here’s the latest in Joolz: a delicate cha-cha style bracelet with handcrafted glass rosebud beads from Kari at WeeGems. Freshwater pearls and Hill Tribe silver plus crystals and leaves…It makes me smile! I love how it came out and am glad that I used restraint in not loading it up with the “cha-cha” stuff. The glass beads are the focus here. I’ve had them or several months just waiting for the right inspiration…It’s on Etsy right now.


Heres’s hoping Spring sticks around a while.


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