Silver Hits a High

My online friend, Lori, had a great blog entry on the rising cost of sterling silver…I use sterling silver wire in most of my Joolz and there have been many times in the last couple of years that I have wished I’d doubled the order I placed in a bulk buy when we got a price of $7.50/ounce…I got 35 ounces of wire then! Still have some gauges but have long since replaced others at over twice that. And now it hit $20/oz. this week. You can read what Lori has to say here.

Here’s a picture of a lot of silver wire!



One response to “Silver Hits a High

  • limamike

    OMG, to have bought 35 ounces of wire then! I’ve never bought that much wire at a time, but I HAVE bought a truck-load of Thai and Bali beads all at one time.

    When I first started designing, I never even knew what “silver spot” MEANT and now, I’m all too painfully aware. Icky icky icky.

    That still doesn’t stop me from buying other people’s pretties, though!!!!

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