Bracelet Exchange Part 2

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a lovely post all written and saved (or so I thought) last night and “Poof” it was gone in the midst of supposed maintenance around here. So that’s my excuse if this post is less than stellar! Last night’s was perfection…trust me!

Remember the bracelet exchange from earlier this month? Well, I have a pic of my treasure…a hand-wired bracelet from Jodie Ruskin featuring some of her wonderful boro nuggets in a luscious red. My friend Deanna was here last week for the shows in Tucson and some R&R and she threatened to steal away with this beauty, along with the sweet bracelet she got from another friend, Heather! Fortunately, I managed to hang onto this and it will adorn my wrist tomorrow (and throughout the year). Thanks Jodie! My pic does not do your work justice. I’ll fix that tomorrow with any luck.


Here’s another heart…a treat for me from my adventures in Tucson! It’s a lampwork heart pendant from Andrea Guarino. I have wanted one since she first began making them and could never get to her website fast enough! We got to the Whole Bead Show on the first day and there were three! I think I got the prettiest one and good thing as they were all gone by Saturday when we made a return trip. Huge pic…it actually measures 2 inches across and 2.5 inches in length.


I’ll leave you with one last pic of my friends Sarah and Deanna next to some huge saguaro cactus in our neighborhood. We had a great time together….just wish Misha had been able to join us! (That’s my greyhound Rose being bashful for the camera). There’s always next year (or even September for the interim gem shows).


I’ve got stash to show off as soon as I get more pictures. Stay tuned!


One response to “Bracelet Exchange Part 2

  • Suz

    Glad you guys had fun – maybe I’ll get to the Tucson show’s one year (actually, that’s a scary thought, considering what I spent on beads in one day at the Gathering 🙂 )

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