Easy Bracelet Exchange

I have many online friends (I joke about them being my imaginary friends, but I’ve met many of them!) and in one group we love giving gifts to each other. We have a Birthday Exchange where one person draws another’s and send them fun things for their birthday. At Christmas, we did a holiday exchange and “opened” our gifts in our chat thread.

I decided a bracelet exchange would be fun and so I hosted a Valentine’s one with the idea that we had all of January to prepare and each person would have a couple weeks to wear their themed bracelet (though I know the one I ended up with will be a year-rounder!). Rules were simple (longwinded, but simple): Make a bracelet that had some theme tied to Valentine’s day (color, shape of beads, clasp, whatever…totally up to the participant). Leave one end unfinished for sizing. Send me a photo before the “reveal” date. After the reveal, find out the size of the recipient, finish it and mail it off! Easy peasy.

After I got all the pics (as attachments so I didn’t peek!), I drew names at random of all the participants to establish an order. Then I did another random pick and that name’s bracelet went to #1, #2, and so on. We had 10 participants this time. If life got in the way and someone had to drop out, no impact on the rest of the people…STRESS-FREE!

I posted the draw list and then individually posted the recipient and the picture of the bracelet they drew late last night so the early birds on the forum could wake up to a Valentine treat. Great fun and people are already thinking of the next themed exchange.

Here’s a look at the bracelet I created (still needs that finishing end). My friend Angie ended up with it. Heavy on the “cha-cha” factor with pearls, silver hearts, crystal hearts, czech beads and hammered rings to hold it all together.


And here’s a teaser of the bracelet I ended up with! You’ll have to wait til I receive it for a full view!


Let me know of other great exchange ideas  you’ve done!


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