Got my wires tangled…on purpose

Just a quick update in between book projects (I’ve found that January and September hit me hard with publisher projects…a subject for another time)…I’m glad I took the time over New Year’s to work on jewelry as I haven’t had any time since then!

There is a pile of unfinished projects on the table—new bracelets and necklaces that need toggles…it’s how I work best: “creative production mode”. I might take a pic of that pile later as a teaser (especially since I finally found the little camera!).

I did manage to finish a new wire cuff using techniques from my Hooked on Wire adventures in September with Lisa Niven Kelly. Chunky and loaded with glass lampwork beads from Bead-Addicts plus a king’s ransom in sterling silver wire! I have plans jotted down for an all silver one (lots of Hill Tribe silver to go with the wire), a black and silver version, and a version with a watch face wired in.

What do you think?



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