Purging the Healthy Way…

The tree and ornaments are packed up (though I still have to put the boxes back into the storage hole under the staircase that is only found by plowing through the pantry). I’ve got to purge holiday stuff that just didn’t make the cut this year (or the last few years)  from both the pantry and the crawl space to fit the “keepers” in there neatly. I’ve been trying to pull out old food stuff from the pantry every time I have a legitimate need to go in there. Amazing the crap I have in there (and it’s age in some cases). I get these bouts of “be a better housewife-itis” and decide to cook/bake more from scratch at times. I usually recover, but not before I’ve stocked up with items that I wonder later what planet I was on when I had that idea. Food banks benefit from those items within expiration dates.

A closet purge is underway upstairs…clothes that I will never wear (even if I was a size 10 again), clothes that I will never wear (as I will never allow myself to become THAT size again), clothes that I look at and think “WTH was I thinking?”, and other stuff that just made it’s way in there.

I’m thinking of a similar kind of purge from my website…either by way of drastic sale prices on some items or “cosmetic surgery” and hopefully a rewewal of pieces that just haven’t captured anyone’s heart by now. So if you’ve been eyeing something, watch for a price drop (or if it vanishes, email me…the surgery part won’t happen right away. I’ve got NEW stuff to be finished for two shows in February and March).


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