Christmas Eve Cookies (or the annual pantry purge)

Apparently I have not made Christmas cookies in a few years (makes sense as we have been with family in other states the last several years), but imagine my shock when I went to pull out ingredients for my favorite spritz cookies and some peanutbutter kisses! I had to throw out two bags of flour (one circa 2005 and one circa 2006) plus two tins of baking powder (circa 1998 and 2001)! Then there was the brown sugar that was like a brick (there wasn’t much of it and I never have luck getting it resoftened). The vanilla flavoring was like sludge.

After I purged my way through the pantry, it was clear I needed to rethink the cookie thing. When we are home with family, my sister Kelly makes Grandma’s butter cookies, my mom makes Grandma’s ginger cookies, and I make the spritz cookies. My sister Lori usually has some exotic recipe to round things out. With it just being three of us this year, I knew I’d never get all the old standbys made, nor did my hips need them around! So spritz it is plus the PB kisses (which my daughter’s friends split up and devoured last week), and some no-bake peanut clusters that are my husband’s new favorites.

Not quite the cookie tradition I’m used to, but it will save pounds of grief in the long run!

Merry Christmas Eve to those who check my blog tonight and the Merriest of Christmas Days to those who check in tomorrow. (Except for Suz who is enjoying Christmas Day in “Oz” right now!)


One response to “Christmas Eve Cookies (or the annual pantry purge)

  • Suz

    Yep, its 12.20am Christmas night, and I’m here reading your blog. I’m not sure I want to think about what that makes me…. 🙂 Actually I’m downloading the latest iTunes so my new xmas iPod will work tomorrow (Hmmm, not sure that’s helping my ‘geek’status at all.) Oh well 🙂

    Merry Christmas Lisa!!

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