Holiday Ornaments Finale!

I was a bit late to the party this year but I’ll be on my game next year (and I’ll probably drag out the tree entry again since everyone seemed to like it…


This is an ornament from several years back, made by my daughter (with some help from mom). At one point I had every shade of the fabric paint known to man (and probably still do, though I bet they don’t flow anymore!).

This is a simple one, but be prepared to figure out how to let them dry in advance! I hadn’t planned that out and ended up using an egg carton…do-able but it requires leaving a gap to paint over later. Now I would add the ornament hanger and hang them off the ironwork on a metal armoire (hh….they would look nice adorning that anway!)

Backing up to the directions. Take clear or frosted ornaments from a craft store (or Target) and practice your artwork with liquid fabric paints, craft paints in tubes, or glitter glue in tubes. Let dry overnight according to paint directions. We have a set in gold and also a set in jewel tones!

Next season I promise to play with new ornaments!

Here are links for some other great ornaments. Take a look!

Christmas cookie Jennifer Heynen
Christmas tree finger labyrinth Hali Chambers
Ring in the New Year Kriss Kramer
Quilty pieced snowman Linda Augsburg
Beaded memory wire Elaine Luther
Wire & beaded tree Lynn Kvigne
Beaded sun catcher Debba Haupert
Jolly and yummy ceramic candy Melanie Brooks Lukacs
Polymer snowflake embedded in resin Melissa Lee
Beaded candy canes Candie Cooper
Polymer clay gift tag/ornament Heather Powers
Twisted blues – Lampwork Diva aka Cindy Gimbrone
Holiday spiral tree & party pixie Art Bead Scene
Wire bird’s nest Rebecca Peck
Plush gingerbread doggie Jenny Harada
Swell ornament Alexa Westerfield
Holiday paper crafting Brandy Lung Gill
Shaving cream & chipboard ornament Michelle McGee
Easy needle-felted orb Katie Hacker

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