Cookie Exchange!

I’m in a yearly holiday cookie exchange with 11 other women. We get together to eat, drink, socialize and exchange cookies. Originally it was a dozen per person (so you made 11 dozen, not 12 like half of us always got confused about). Over the years, it has been changed to a 1/2 dozen (or a jar mix, or something like that).

After about 2  years, I finally figured out that the exchange was REALLY more about the packaging than the cookies! The cute little tray, or holiday takeout box, or ceramic covered dish, or tin box with a fabulous bow! And we never remember to get a picture of the table overflowing with 12 sets of 11 different containers. It looked really festive this year!

I was really taken with this idea from my friend Lori (who got off her sickbed to bring her contribution even though she couldn’t stay and have fun with us!). She took plain martini glasses, added her goodies, covered the glass with a shimmery square of fabric, tied it off with ribbon on the stem and voila! A Christmas Exchange masterpiece was born (I’m thinking next  year’s exchange should center around martini glasses…all different kinds! But hey, it’s not at my house and that’s a good thing!)


In the meantime, I’ve got to come up with an ornament for Margot’s final Holiday Ornament Blog Ring…wish me luck…


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