Random Holly Days Thoughts

No white stuff here to usher in the holidays so we have to work a little harder on Christmas spirit. I have boxes of decorations stacked on my dining room table with high hopes of actually getting them unpacked this weekend. It was too crazy Thanksgiving weekend with being stuck in a park for two days. Then the following weekend was spent recovering from the last weekend, company and being way behind on work. So here we are at “Do it or skip it altogether” weekend. In years past, the latter option has been a no-brainer…gone for the holidays, no small children to excite, and no post-holiday clean-up after a grueling travel trip.

Can’t get away with that this year, so it has to happen this weekend. Over the years, I seem to have developed a Santa collection. Before I was married, I was incredibly crafty and painted bisque Santas in all shapes and sizes. Through my bunco group holiday exchange, I’ve acquired several decorative Santa along the way: stuffed, clay, wood. One year, a friend and I made large peppermint candies to line our bannisters. No idea where those are in the crawl space that holds all those decorations.

Then there was the year that I made not ONE but TWO wire beaded Christmas trees loaded with decorations from a kit (plus about $100 of additional stuff) from Michael’s. Couldn’t find a link so I’ll have to dust off the one I have and snap a pic later. I spent countless hours (I had them when I was single) stringing and wiring branches of this beaded tree and then decorated it with about a zillion teeny tiny beaded ornaments (I had better vision then too). Since I was usually at work more than at home then, I brought the finished product in to enjoy at my desk. Word got around and the VP of our department came in and told me to name my price as his wife collected all things Christmas and he wanted that for her. I said “oh I could never sell this…it was so much work”. And then I got smart (or stupid looking back…though it was almost 20 years ago) and left him a note at lunch saying it was his for $200. I came back from lunch and there was a check on my desk and the tree was gone. I deposited the check, headed to Michael’s and bought all the stuff for another tree and forced myself to remake one for myself before I lost interest. Of course I bought MORE accessories for it since it wasn’t my money that round and figure if I was paying myself, I made about $1/hour. That tree actually sits out year round.

Until I get a picture of it, here’s a Holly Ring (at last she gets around to the point of the title today!) that I put together last night.


I actually made 4 cluster rings (this one, an icy white one, a khaki/purple one, and one in spring aqua colors). It is on Etsy in a lovely holly-themed Treasury that I put together. Take a look if you like.

And if you are interested in where my inspiration comes from check out my entry on Collective Creatives.


5 responses to “Random Holly Days Thoughts

  • margot

    Oh what a yummy ring! I can not wait to see this tree, it sounds delightful!

    We’re doing an ornament round robin on Thursdays…maybe you can show one of the mini beaded ornaments you made? You don’t have to post instructions. Let me know if you want to play!


  • joolzbylisa

    LOL…Margot…I’ve been watching them. Even if they are 15 years old? I’ll dig out something. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Suz

    I can empathise about the weather not triggering your xmas spirit. I was going to say sympathise, but then hot weather is such a part of an Aussie Christmas, that is we relied on thoughts of snow, we’d never get into the spirit. 🙂

    We are a stubborn lot though – I am still cooking three kinds of roast meets on Christmas Day – thank heavens for my air conditioner.!

    The Holly ring rocks by the way. I love the look of your cluster rings, but I have tiny hands, and could never imagine actually wearing something large on my fingers.

  • Lisa Liddy

    The tree is up and partially decorated. I just discovered a section with lights out that I discovered the same way last time I put the tree up…oh well. It was a $39 tree on sale at Michal’s 5 yrs ago…not going to sweat a few lights.

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