Smacking Myself for Forgetting…

…to always take a picture of something I donate. DUH.

I spent all day yesterday working a community event (my area is coordinating the Beer/Wine Garden throughout the day and evening…trust me it is not nearly as glamorous as it might sound). One of the activity areas was a Wreath Auction with benefits going to the Melonhead Foundation (a charity that I support with my Joolz and my graphic design skills) and two other local charities. I created a wreath and a “thing” to go over an archway (my mind is going…can’t think of the the word I want). Did I take a picture of either? NO…and I’m kicking myself today.

The wreath was non-traditional…a grapevine base fanning out in a shape reminiscent of a Spirograph design and there were barely cream colored berries in various sizes. Very simple, very elegant. Originally I was going to glue or wire shoes from my collection of “Just the Right Shoes“, but they looked clunky and after taking a look at a dozen of the 40 or 50 I have boxed up in a chest, I felt a pang of longing to see them displayed yet one day…(See Margot, I really did love shoes back in the day).

Instead, my daughter, Emma, suggested I use some of the vintage costume jewelry I had stashed away from years earlier ebay buying (an evolution from Beanie Babies, to vintage jewelry, to my current love of artisan lampwork beads). Briliant idea, Emma! We foraged through the box and managed to find earrings in clear crystals, pearls, glass and the like all in shades of the winter white already in the wreath. Not a lot of them, just scattered on the branches using the clipbacks and a glue gun. A stylish wreath for year round use (I hope).

Hopefully my visual description gives you an idea…can’t believe I was such a ditz and didn’t get a picture…might need to try to track down the buyer and see if it might still be possible to get a picture. In any event, I’m heading to Joann’s today to get several more of the grapevine bases for future wreaths. I’m thinking all black earrings would look amazing for next year’s auction.


One response to “Smacking Myself for Forgetting…

  • Suz

    D’Oh! Its sound sinteresting, but I’m struggling to visualise it. Run, dont walk to that buyer and beg for a photo – pretty please? Hey, if you are lucky, you could ring them and they will send pics – I had a customer buy a candlestick set that I didnt expect to sell, so hadn’t photographed, and they sent me lots of photos via email.

    Anyway, it’s great that it sold, I’m sure it was beautiful.

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