Lull in progress…

I can’t even blame the upcoming holidays (yet)…but I’ve been uninspired to write (or more likely, unwilling to subject you to what I might come up with right now).  So you are stuck with random musings (either that or it could be another week before an update!)

I’ve been working away to keep new things up on Etsy almost every day and trying some of their Showcases for marketing to see if that makes a difference. Realizing that there are tens of thousands of items in Jewely and Glass categories, I’m not surprised that it is slow going. It is easier to put a couple of items up there than trying for a large website update and feeling like I let people down when that doesn’t happen. Guess I should let them know they can see things on my site that are on Etsy.

The weather in Arizona hasn’t figured out that it is late November. If I want to wear a nice fall sweater, I’m going to need to run the AC (which is running anyway…tried to open the front door but the silly hairball pup barks at air currents and if I find it annoying, I imagine the neighbors do also).

My parents are about 7 minutes from the house so I’m glad I got this nearly done. I really am going all out for Thanksgiving dinner this year…ordered it all prepared from a local meal prep place so my mom and I can enjoy the day rather than slaving in the kitchen! My first choice would have been a restaurant but that went over like a lead balloon!

Happy Week of Thanksgiving! I have much to be thankful for…hope you do as well.


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