A Chill In the Air?

I keep hoping that might be the case—that as we approach mid-November I could pull out the longer sleeves and put away the capris and sandals. At 8 p.m. it is 71 degrees outside and we are looking at another week of mid-80s.

 Makes it even harder to hear Christmas music in the stores and try to plan for the next couple of months of holidays. You’d think after living here 27 years, I’d be used to it. It just seems like the warm weather has dragged on forever this fall.

I’ve got about a dozen fall-colored bracelets that I’ve not gotten on either Etsy or my website yet. Maybe I need to crank down the AC and put a sweater on and hope that will motivate me to get with the program! I’m sketching out some new ideas for wired bangles and, with the exception of the ever-classic black and white, I’ve slotted spring colors in… (Of course that could be my subconscious keeping me in check since those designs might not see the light of day before March!).

I guess I’ll save the discussion of a Thanksgiving menu without turkey for another entry (the thought of heating up the house is not high on my list today!)

Here’s a taste of what I’m working on getting on the website…




4 responses to “A Chill In the Air?

  • Suz

    mmmm Yummy work as always. Have to laugh about the comments on Thanksgiving and the heat though. It is often in the high 30’s (30 deg C = 86 Farenheit) here on xmas day, yet so many aussies insist on the full english Christmas lunch. I generally have roast pork, roast chicken, cold ham on the bone and sometimes a roast turkey roll, or roast lamb, plus roast potatoes, pumpkin, parsnip…and other non roasted veggies, with hot christmas pudding for dessert (with hot custard!). I am generally a melted puddle on the kitchen floor by the time it comes time to serve, but at least I have air con now…

  • fashion lifestyle

    Oh, the first one is so cute :))

  • Connie

    Love your bracelets! Well designed! I can relate to the warm days as well. Trees are just now turning colors in my neck of the woods, uh, desert!

  • thirteenmoons

    Beautiful new designs Lisa! They look great for the entire year! I’ll send some snow your way soon. 🙂

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