I’ve done a couple of shows in the last 2 months. Shopping events geared toward women with discretionary income. I’ve not done shows in a couple of years as either they weren’t the right audience or the timing was not right. Time is always a struggle—I stay busy with my book design business and I’m juggling client deadlines to get their books to print. It can be feast or famine and I’m often not in control of my time so committing a day (or more with preparation) to a show is a big deal for me.

I know many of my pieces are out of the range of impulse buys at more general family friendly events with craft/arts areas. The women I’ve seen trying to shop at these events have a couple of kids who are not interested in tagging along when there are rides and games to be explored. The husbands often have glazed over eyes sending the message “get me out of here…” So lingering over my booth and deciding between the $80 bracelet or the $110 necklace just doesn’t happen. Especially when there are a dozen others selling much lower price point items. I get that it just isn’t my market. And I don’t have the time to put into it with the hopes that something might materialize later. So that’s a risk I take.

Here’s a couple pictures from a recent show in Scottsdale.



Basically a bust in financial terms. Lots of lookers (oh we had fun looking at that lookers too! Easy to believe that Arizona has more tanning shops than anything else! And the shoes!). My friend Deb helped me the entire day and we had time to analyze the buyers and demographics. I’ll be much smarter if I do this show again next year. There’s still a chance for some email inquiries about special orders, and maybe a home party.

I had high hopes for this show so I hadn’t done anything with regard to others this year. So now I’ve got a lot of inventory to figure out creative ways to move along. My mother keeps saying she’s going to have a home party and invite everyone who ever invited her to one. Works for me! In the meantime, I have a couple of months til the next shopping event show in February. Different location, different draw, different dreams.


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