Do you buy your clothes to match your jewelry or buy your jewelry to match your clothes?

Inquiring minds want to know…

“Buy Your Clothes to Match Your Jewelry!”

 A couple of years ago, I saw this tagline on someone’s site or card or something…can’t remember  who or where now, but it struck me as so “Me”. How many of you take jewelry with you while you shop? Or when you are online shopping and see something, your first thought is “Wow, that would go great with my fuschia and lime pearl and lampwork wired bangle!” (You know you do it!)

I think most of my friends who may not be as into jewelry as me are more inclined to match up shoes, but it’s the same idea. The search for the perfect accessories!

I made this necklace over the summer (and actually kept it!) because black and white is timeless. It has loopy matching earrings but they missed the photo shoot apparently.


Black wafer shaped glass beads from Verna (Bead-Addicts) are wired on some very funky sterling chain with vintage milk glass type beads and Hill Tribe silver lentils. When I finished it, it screamed the 70’s to me.

I was out shopping the next week and found a perfect retro babydoll top. I bought it, even though I wouldn’t normally go for that style anymore. It was such a match for the necklace and earrings!  


Later in the summer, we were visiting family in Germany and spent a day shopping in Fulda. I stumbled upon another black and white patterned knit top (longer sleeves so I was justified in buying it!) Bingo…it loves the necklace as well!


I know I’m not alone in this fashion strategy…several beadmaker friends regularly make beads to match their clothes too. And now I’ve got to run….I need to make the perfect bracelet to match this great purple knit top that I found last weekend.


7 responses to “Do you buy your clothes to match your jewelry or buy your jewelry to match your clothes?

  • faykatherine

    Hi Lisa! You and I are soooo alike. I just made beads today to match a top in teal, turquoise, white, black, and ivory. I definitely create beads to match my clothes or visa versa! I love to be all coordinated! Can’t wait to see you new top and jewelry. 🙂

  • Connie

    This is a topic I SOOOO get! I make beaded jewelry first, what ever strikes my fancy, and then I buy clothes to match. But, I have done it the other way around too, making earrings to match a particular dress, etc. But, my love affair with jewelry comes first, as always! Great post! Love your pics too!

  • angieland

    Oh yeah….I so get this!! I’ve carried around a focal or entire set of beads for weeks….just waiting to find the perfect outfit to match. Then once the clothes are bought, I design the piece to work with the neckline! And here I thought I was the only one…..!

  • joolzbylisa

    We need to come up with a name for this trend (other than “possessed”)…

  • beadinggem

    Hardly a proper statistical study, but the majority of beaders at my beginner beading workshops/parties buy jewelry to match their clothes. But the ones who get hooked into beading start to buy clothes to match their jewelry. I’d say it is a symptom of beadaholicism!

  • thirteenmoons

    I am so guilty of this too! I never wore purple or pink until I found a purple boro that I fell in love with. Needless to say I have a few pink and purple shirts to go with my transparent purple hollow bead necklace now. Great post Lisa!

  • smgdesigns

    Guilty! Yes, I had this great top I bought to wear to a fancy Christmas party last year but I just couldn’t find the right piece of jewelry so I made beads and then made myself this outrageous piece that I only wear with this top! I love it! And it goes so perfectly with the top that I am constantly doing that now! Great topic Lisa and I adore that top you found in Germany!

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