Holiday Jewelry?

Since we having a cold wave here in Phoenix (OK, it’s going to be 82ish today, but that’s downright chilly here after the zillion days of 100+ degree days we had this summer!), it’s time to work on holiday jewelry. I admit a few years ago, I was swept away by whimsical, cute, stylized holiday-themed beads. The reindeer ones and the snowman ones, and those that looked like peppermint candies.

Then the sometimes rational businesswoman in me took over and pointed out that it’s really a short window for a bracelet that might end up $75-$100 in price and be worn  4 or 5 times and then put away for 11 months! Since I didn’t have a web presence at the time, my sales were mostly to family and friends, and really, once the loyal few jumped on the peppermint-themed watches and bracelets, I was left with a lot of leftovers. (So maybe the “sometimes rational businesswoman” had nothing to do with it…the pile of leftovers was kind of a clue!)

My beadmaker friends may be shocked, but I’m not buying any holiday-themed lampwork beads this year. Hmm…that was harsh sounding, even to me…and I know that I’ve got my eye on a set that looks like mini snowballs, so let’s say, I’m not buying MANY holiday themed lampwork beads this year. Instead I pulled out the jewelry that didn’t sell last year (or even two in a few cases) and I’m taking it apart and remaking the bracelets and watches (well that’s the plan anyway). It’s a good thing as my design style has changed and I can update pieces in the hopes that they will find homes this year.

One exception to the remake list: This set from last year that I may have “forgotten” to actually put out at a show or two because the glass beads whispered “Contemporary Christmas” to me, followed up with “We’re really not just for holidays at all.” Rich deep green and olive green with a touch of red and lots of Saki Silver says “wear me year round”. This bead set is by Melissa Vess and she’s got another great set on Ebay right now (I know, I’m backing away from the keyboard)



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