Shoes, anyone?

I was minding my own business the other day, just checking for blog updates, when Lori Greenberg’s Gal Lori blog teased me with this entry. After wholeheartedly agreeing with her on the whole morning person thing, I made my way over here and, thankfully, had finished my coffee or it would have spewed across the monitor as I got halfway down the page. How did I get to this stage of my life and not know about Margot?

“Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a recovering shoe addict.” (In my single days, I could scope out a shoe sale and justify 3 or 4 pair of shoes in a lunch hour outing easy.) Now, I’m barefoot most days with shoes (sandals and slides, really) collecting under my desk from where I slip them off as soon as humanly possible. But Margot’s entry had me laughing out loud (not that it would bother anyone, I work alone, but the dogs look at me strangely). I knew about only one of the three kinds of shoes she described. I’m trying to remember if I ever had a pair that qualified for the other two labels.

I’m afraid my shoe categories have dwindled to:

“Aaah, almost as good as barefoot” (the slip-on sandal or thong)
“I know it’s winter, but I hate having my foot completely covered” (the slip-on clog of sorts)
“How in heaven’s name did I ever walk in these?” (anything with a heel more than 2 inches)

Trust me…you’ll only see these in my house on the TV when “Dancing with the Stars” is on!


8 responses to “Shoes, anyone?

  • Suz

    ok, I’m going to go blog about this too…because I just dont get the whole shoe fascination for women. There must be someone out there who agrees with me….

  • joolzbylisa

    Suz…I did get it…I still have dozens of pairs in the closet, but I wear about 3 pair year round. Now beads, that’s another story! But you’ve seen the proof of that!

  • Kaye Husko

    hehe…I am a recovering shoe addict to…at one time the count was 124 pair…then we moved…and I think I went into a new phase…comfort or nothing…barefoot is great isn’t it??

  • Margot

    Truth be told, mostly you find me in cheap rubber flip flops or fake Uggs. Unless I’m on TV or doing personal appearances, which is how I justify my ongoing need for fabulous shoes. There must be justification!

    I believe my affliction is genetic as it affects both of my sisters. It also seems to have gotten hold of my daughter and we think it came from my grandmother. I wonder if we can trace it back through time? Hmmm…

    I also collect beads and bits of old paper and craft supplies, but these addictions pay my bills so I can justify them!

    Thanks for the link, I’ll add you to my side bar. Great BLOG!


  • joolzbylisa


    My daughter has the same genetic affliction (and it has morphed to a handbag addiction, though she never uses them!)

    I would post a pic of all my beads but my husband might see! LOL.

    And thank you!

  • joolzbylisa

    Connie…right after barefeet (said on a 95 degree late October day…). 🙂

  • Lori Anderson

    I used to DANCE all night in shoes like those. Sigh. Not since foot surgery! Now I just walk through the Nordstrom shoe department and sigh as I clump along in Birkenstokcs and Danskos.

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