Giving back…

I’ve been blessed with many good things in my life, among them a talent for putting glass and silver together into little wearable pieces of art (even saying that in print sounds arrogant…it’s what I’ve been told, so I’m just repeating it…women are so hard on themselvs, but that’s a post for another day). This is going to be one of those “come back another day for ‘the rest of the story'” type posts, so you’ve been warned.

For several years I’ve been involved in a community organization that had as part of their mission, helping other nonprofit organizations. A few years back I met Deb Leone, the founder of The Melonhead Foundation when her organization became a beneficiary of the other group. She’s become more than a colleague; she’s a dear friend. After a fundraising event we were talking about ways to help Melonhead. Giving cash isn’t always an option; giving of my talents is. (Side note: many non-profit organizations need help with event planning, promotion, and other volunteer activities, as well as the always welcome check).

When another volunteer was no long able to provide graphics support, I offered my services, but I wanted to do something more. The idea of Melonhead Joolz was born that evening, a good year before my Joolz by Lisa website launched. Just a germ of an idea and no way of knowing where it might lead…you can get more of the story on my site and I’ll continue the story next time I blog.

Give the Melonhead site a look as well.



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