The New Fall Lineup…

I really don’t watch that much TV, but I am a fan of a few shows that usually get DVR’d to watch later without commercial interruption. Tonight was one of those nights when technology couldn’t keep up with us. We came up against the “recording two different shows…can’t watch a third previously recorded show” and so we went “dark” for an hour waiting for the recordings to finish (I used that time to reorder business cards from VistaPrint so it wasn’t a total waste!).

You’d think primetime would be a fine time to take a break and watch TV, but I’m a night owl and evenings are when I’m most productive (did you notice all my blogging happens at night?). And even if I’m watching, I’ve got to be doing something else—earlier tonight it was proofreading a book I’d designed and typeset; other nights I’ll pull a tray of jewelry makings together and work on that while watching. I don’t remember when I decided that TV time had to be multi-tasked, but it always is. Guess I always feel like I need to justify that time.

So what shows do you record if you can’t see them live? Sunday night is a full night for us: “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” “Desperate Housewives,” and “Brothers & Sisters,” plus this year “Shark” moved to Sunday night (the glitch in the wonder of DVR). Thursdays are another night we record with Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy. And since Season 2, I’ve been a “Dancing With the Stars” fan (though since my husband travels during the week, we usually watch the combination shows on Friday night when he gets home…a twisted “date” night I guess). Joe says I need to watch “Cane” as any show Jimmy Smits is in is “golden”…and I’ve recorded the Grey’s spinoff but not watched it yet. What else?

The DVR takes the pressure off watching in real-time, but after being gone last weekend and trying to catch up on work and life, I couldn’t believe all the recorded shows to catch up with. Exhausting work!


5 responses to “The New Fall Lineup…

  • Suz

    Hi Lisa. I have become a person who only watches TV when the favourites are on…but absolutely has to see them. I tape anything I’m going to miss (but I’m still using a humble VCR) and I eventually buy the DVD’s of my all time favourites. At the moment its Stargate SG1, Alias, Torchwood, Dr Who (yes, noticing a pattern?) and one out of the box, Californication. When all the new US shows start here, it will be Heroes, Lost, Brothers and Sisters and Grey’s (and I suspect, from the crossover episode, the new spinoff.) Oh, and NCIS, if they ever stop stuffing around with showing repeats.

    But the obsessions are all on DVD – all of Buffy, Angel, Firefly (I’m a mad Joss Whedon fan, cant you tell?) and all of Stargat SG1, except Season 10. Gilmore Girls Season 1-6…

    Ah well, at least like my favourite books I do revisit them time and time again.

  • DChase

    That seems like a lot of shows to keep track of. Good thing you have DVR. Journeyman,and Chuck were pretty good as well. I watched Private Practice, it has potential.

  • joolzbylisa

    LOL, Suz…we end up with DVDs of some as well…and darn it…why didn’t I send Gilmore Girls home with you when you were here?

  • joolzbylisa

    Great, Deanna….more shows to check out…at least with some you can catch up online and not miss the storyline if they aren’t recorded!

  • eugenerain

    I need one of those things!

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