Where’s my “Easy” Key?


I know…wrong key, but it seems appropriate. How can taking 3.5 days off (2 of them a weekend!) wreak so much havoc with my schedule? Hardly seems fair. I have two big shows to get ready for…first-time ones for me and a lot riding on them. Book design projects falling from the sky with nearly impossible deadlines, a freshman daughter, a traveling spouse, laundry that goes from the washer to the dryer to piles and not nearly enough hours in the day.

My lists have lists. Sleep is interrupted and appetite is shot (OK, the last one is not a bad thing…). I tend to get my second (or third) wind when most people are heading to bed. No phones, no emails, just quiet interrupted by dogs wondering if we are ever going to bed. But I’ve hit the wall tonight. Three long days this week and no end in sight. Guess I should stop talking to myself and start a new list.

And who stole my image header!!!!


4 responses to “Where’s my “Easy” Key?

  • DChase

    Oh my, you are busy aren’t you? But did you get the wine? A glass of wine can go a long ways. 🙂

  • joolzbylisa

    No wine…just whine… 🙂

  • Suz

    Dont forget the cheese with that then Lisa
    -you deserve the Wine (and the whine 🙂 ). I hope order returns to your world soon, and that the shows are fantastic, and worth the additional stress.

  • Julz

    I really like this lay out much better than the first one! This will certainly help, somehow, in the longrun, the long list, the list on lists… wish there was someway that I could just pop out there to help you. I’ve seen some cheap tickets lately… Hey! I could borrow the super hero cape, fly out there, and deliver it personally!

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