“Hooked” on Wire?

…I guess I am! (on some level I always was, I just didn’t realize how little I actually did with it until now). I spent 3 days in workshops at Hooked on Wire, San Francisco and can’t wait to have some time to try out some new ideas with my own “twist”. Long days of working with tiny beads and thin wire and I actually finished 2 projects. I got a good start on another and have a couple of components finished for a fourth project.

And I won a very cool Tronex long flat-nosed plier in a drawing (plus bought some other cool tools that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without!). Oh, and a few kits/instructions from Lisa Niven Kelly, Dallas Lovett, and Barb Switzer for other projects. Now if they were just selling time…

I was blown away by some of the other projects attendees wore from previous classes…had me wondering how I ever thought I designed jewelry…but the reality is that the really labor intensive classes are not cost-effective for me and my skills and time at this point. So I’m taking away tips and tricks to make working with wire easier and sticking to my style of Joolz for now. And planning for my next HOW session in 2008!

Here’s a pic of my version of the wired bangle…a little less intricate weaving (I was battling a horrible headache for much of the afternoon and figured “less” was better than “mess”), larger, more organic type beads. I’m thrilled with the final result (and it even fits) and figure trying another one down the road would have to take less than the 7 or 8 hours that went into this one!




4 responses to ““Hooked” on Wire?

  • DChase

    Lovely Lisa, can’t wait to see your new stuff that comes from this.

  • angieland

    See?? I knew you’d be the star of the class! And I love that you want to take the techniques you learned and incorporate them into your own style. Afterall, the world would be a much less beautiful place without the Joolz we all love!

  • kattitudes

    What a great first result. Hey, I battle headaches like that – I’m just off a four day one after a ER visit for help finally. I’m sorry you had one in the middle – not fun.

    I’ve discovered that yearly attendance at these type of things does wonders. Your skill sets change vastly between and what you can pump out from one year to the next will astound you.

    Your bangle is *fantastic* (I love the whole organic flow with the free tangle look of the wire too – very earthy) and it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    I’d love to hear even more pros and cons when you have some free time. Maybe I can shoot you an email? I’m trying to pick a jewelry design event somewhere (undecided) and make it into a regular type thing I do, but want to really put in thought as to what benefits I would get out of it, so really am interested in more details from you about how the days progressed.

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