Creative Chaos?

I’m going to a 3-day class (Hooked on Wire) in San Francisco tomorrow and have been pulling together bits and pieces of beads and supplies to take for all the sessions…which required actually thinking through how I wanted the projects to look since I wouldn’t have my “stash” at my fingertips. I will have access to a “mini bead shop on premises”…which could be a blessing or a curse!

How hard could it be to pull materials together for 4 or 5 bead/wire projects? Those who know me, know that I have to have several projects going at once, so my work area is interesting, to say the least (some would say downright scary, but it’s all part of how my Joolz are born). Here’s a pic of part of said work area:


The thing that became apparent as I was rounding up beads, pearls, wire, silver, and tools is that typically I work “big” and these classes will be working “small”…good thing I got a nerdy looking magnifying headlamp thingie…

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then; I’m self-taught so going to a real class and getting some great tips can only be a good thing. And I’m looking forward to learning from some incredible teachers plus meeting new people. Who knows…if I can figure out uploading pics from my camera to my laptop, maybe I’ll update from the road with WIP shots. (Adds “charge camera battery” to the list of things to still finish)


7 responses to “Creative Chaos?

  • kattitudes

    I had to laugh because the photo above looks just too familiar for words. I’m making the assumption those drawers are full to the brim too?

    I am very eager to read your review of the class. I have always wondered about the worth of an extended class like that. I’ll be interested to get your feedback on pros and cons.

    And btw, I use the magnifying headthing daily – cannot live without it. I find that I automatically reach up now to pull it down when I’m in a bead store trying to see the detail on those tiny little beads that somehow got really microscopic suddenly.

  • Angie

    I can’t wait to see what kind of gorgeous inspiration you come home with. You’re gonna dazzle them in class with your talent!!

  • joolzbylisa

    Angie…I am actually quite intimidated by the instructors…hope I can do a decent wire wrap…

  • joolzbylisa

    Kat…yup…8 drawers…4 filled with finished jewelry…got another chest still full of strands of lampwork beads and a nifty 8-drawer file cabinet full of supplies…better to “hide” some of this stuff…on the head thingie…the clerk asked me if I wanted the “open back” vaersion to save my hair from getting “mussed.” I am so over worrying about my hair! Being able to see the bead is the main thing!

  • DChase

    Have a fabulous time Lisa! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new knowledge.

  • Shadow

    You will do fine honey, and think of all the new places that your Joolz will go now!!

    Have lots of fun!

  • Kaye Husko

    I hope you have a great time, relax a little and learn a lot. Will be cool to see how your work changes from what you absorb in these classes.

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