Amber’s beads…

Just a quick post today (before the day ends)…I love opening this page and seeing the bracelet in the header! I’ll change it out from time to time but it fits the changing season for now (though with another 100+ degree day here in Phoenix, the season is still “HOT”.

I love designing jewelry and my favorite elements to design with are artisan-made glass lampwork beads, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver accents. More about “artisan-made” beads in another post. The cube shaped beads in the bracelet above were handcrafted by Amber Van Meter of Naos Glass.  Amber makes organic style lampwork beads from her studio in Colorado and is know for her love of etching the beads (which removes the shine in favor of a velvety finish). These cubes are unetched and I love how they met their match with the freshwater pearls.

Check out Amber’s site for more of her lovely beads! And look for more introductions to the artists whose beads turn into “Joolz“!


One response to “Amber’s beads…

  • faykatherine

    Hi Lisa!! I love Amber’s work too!! Those cubes go perfectly with the pearls…and I love viewing your beautiful jewelry!! I think the bracelet creates a lovely header!!

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