Sunday Shopping…

I headed down to Tucson Sunday for a couple of bead shows…to visit with some acquaintances and to pick up a few “essentials” for my jewelry designs. The gem/bead shows are twice a year in Tucson and I try to get down for at least a day (usually a couple in February). The drive is not bad…about 83 miles from my door to the show.

I had a “plan” this trip: hit the bigger supplier show early for some silver findings and some tools for an upcoming workshop I’m taking in San Francisco “Hooked on Wire“, maybe check on some freshwater pearls (I love pearls!). I had hoped to get a picture to show but they frown on cameras in the shows. It is still so HOT here that walking around the outside room vendors had not appeal

From there I headed to the Best Bead Show where I walked the floor and admired the artisan glass beads, marbles, goblets (all things glass basically). I was able to chat with Lori Greenberg and I picked up some great fibers to work with some of the amazing glass focal beads I’ve got on hand. I’ll post a picture of what I do with them in the next week. I talked myself out of some great pieces of glass art…need to sell some of my own work first!

It was a nice day and I’m pleased with my purchases!


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