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Bead Soup II Sneak Peek!

We’re not even going to discuss the time it’s been since my last post…so, moving ahead, it’s almost time for the Bead Soup reveal (taking part across several days since there are so many participants this time).

I have been remiss in posting both a pic of the beads I received (from Maria Grimes, Garden Path Beads) and those I sent to her.  Thought I could find one on Flickr but I was mistaken…the good news is I have my Bead Soup piece finished and photographed!

The Reveal party starts tomorrow and continues for the next several days as the nearly 100 participants reveal their projects. I think I’m in the first group. :)

Here’s a teaser of what I created with the whimsical beads Maria created for me:

Check back tomorrow at Bead Soup Central to see the full result and lots of other creative works of art!


Didn’t take long for me to get off track, did it?

I’m in show prep mode for my departure next Thursday to Knoxville, TN. My second year participating in ArtXtravaganza at the Webb School. Three full days this year, so Shawn and I are hoping for big crowds of shoppers. And snow-free weather! If you are in the area, stop by sometime. The show will be Friday-Sunday, March 12-14.

I’ve been working on lower price point items…lots of earrings, bookmarks, interchangeable earrings, re-engineered bracelets, corded pendants…since the show is a fundraiser, I want to have plenty of items that encourage buying!

Here’s a quick shot of the Interchangeable earrings I’ve been working on. I display each pair of charm/drops on one sterling silver hoop…pick out two drops and you have a set of hoops, plus two sets of charms: interchange them for two different earring looks.

Back to the salt mines for me…between lists for the show, ongoing book projects, and life in general, it’s going to be a hectic couple of weeks! I’m looking forward to both the show and to a few days of R&R with Angie and Vern in Crossville.

There are signs of intelligent life!

From my poor neglected blog, that is. I know it has be MONTHS without a post and I have no excuses but apathy.  The weather, the holidays, the economy…take your pick. But I’m trying to move past all that and ring in the New Year (almost a month late) with more blogging.

The One World One Heart project seemed a good start.  Hundreds of creative souls banding together with give-aways to tempt readers to follow. Start with mine and then move on to the  rest! If you get lost, I’m #658 on the list.

Something else to get the creativity jump-started is a Bead Soup Party hosted by a great cyberfriend, Lori Anderson. She match 80+ jewelry designers together in pairs with instructions to send a “bead soup” mixture to our partner. I should have my “soup” in a couple days and we’ll be unveiling all of our creations in February so stay tuned for that. My partner is Linda Lawrence of Bella Bead Jewelry

I’m busy working on new Joolz for ArtXtravaganza at the Webb School in Knoxville, TN again in March. Looking forward to meeting up with friends for a few days of fun after that.

That preparation has me looking at bracelets and redesigning many to lower the costs and give them a fresh, new look in the process. And I’ve been working more with wirewrapping and hammering. You can find some of those results on Etsy.

So two posts in one day. I think I’ll shoot for a couple of posts a week for now. Hopefully everyone hasn’t forgotten me!

Sweet 16 Sale on Etsy!

emma11My “baby” is going to be 16 on May 11th, so I’m having a “Sweet 16 Sale” in my Etsy store through that date.


All Joolz (rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, accessories) are marked 16% off already low prices…not to mention that free first class US shipping. What a deal.


Think of all the events coming up that need “Joolz”…you can’t? Here, I’ll help you:


I think you get the picture…every day is a holiday!

Ornament Thursday: Heliotrope by any other name is my favorite color (Purple)

ornamentbanner150It’s Ornament Thursday again!

The theme this month is “Heliotrope”, which I was pretty sure was a shade of purple. In fact, it’s a “light tint of purple”. I immediately thought of these beads, which I made into this fun necklace. Susan Sheehan made these pinwheel glass beads and I’ve loved the color. But then I am a fan of purple in all shades.


It looks more light purple in person so blame my photo skills. The glass “wheel” beads are just a lot of fun. But then when I was looking further, I thought maybe Heliotrope is more like this color:


More of Susan’s beads in a whimsical pair of earrings. You just can’t help but smile at purple. And these beads are probably truer to looking like the flower in the heliotrope plant.

In case you have doubts, here’s a true heliotrope plant. Looking at it, I guess the color is somewhere in between both of my examples. :)

File:Heliotropium peruvianum.jpg

Image from Wikipedia.com

Check the other OT members sites to see how “Heliotrope” makes it’s way into Ornament Thursday.

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style
Check out Linda’s necklace and don’t miss the giveaway!

Heliotrope-Ornament Thursday
Did someone say violet?

Heliotrope: Purple by any other name…
Lisa waffles on what shade of purple is really “Heliotrope”

Ornament Thursday is here!
Michelle Zimmerman gets funky with these home made mica shift bead earrings and Helen Bradley secretly raids someone else’s bead box for a fun silver bracelet.

Michelle shares a heliotrope layout of her her and her fish!


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